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Desirable Nurux Shake Gel Conditions

With the Shake Cup, it makes Nuru Gel controllable, in both Concentration and Temperature

Our Recommended temperature for the water is around 40-45 Degrees Celsius

However the temperature is what you likes best, you could even get the gel right under your warm shower, at a temperature that you are most comfortable in .

A Nuru Massage would be the most pleasurable at your most desired temperature Nuru Gel

Not only can temperature be controlled, the concentration can be controlled with the Shake Cup, simply by adding more or less powder when mixing it with water.

If you are looking for the Standard Formula Texture, 1 bullet with 250ml Warm water is the way to go, it is entirely up to you to what you like best, try it and get the perfect proportion of Temperature and Concentration for your NURU GEL



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