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Ways to Warm Up Your Nuru Gel

Nuru Gel is best used when its warm or at a suitable temperature for yourself. There is no single technique that is right for everyone. The method you wished to use is based on personal preference. Whichever way you want to use to heat your Nuru Gel, make sure that you shake the bottle vigorously [...]

Desirable Nurux Shake Gel Conditions

With the Shake Cup, it makes Nuru Gel controllable, in both Concentration and Temperature Our Recommended temperature for the water is around 40-45 Degrees Celsius However the temperature is what you likes best, you could even get the gel right under your warm shower, at a temperature that you are most comfortable in . A [...]

Buy Nuru Gel

Nuru Gel is now available in Australia and you buy nuru gel via a number of stores and site. To find out where you can buy Nuru gel, Click here. if you are a retailer, wholesaler, or provide Nuru Massage using our products, you can have your website or your information added to our directory. [...]

Nuru Gel

To explain what Nuru Gel is we must first give the definition of Nuru. Nuru comes from the Japanese language and its meaning is “Slippery”. Nuru Gel is specially formulated from deep seaweed and is colourless, tasteless and extremely slippery and smooth. The Nuru Gel is very comfortable and cool on the skin, especially when [...]